Research & Development

KAHO is greatly committed in providing state of the art technologies to it's esteemed customers and society at large. A major chunk of time & resources of the company are utilized in the incessant research & development activities undertaken by the company, in order to provide maximum customer satisfaction.

In this ever changing market, KAHO plans to stay neck in neck, if not a step ahead, with the industry. In it's brief lifespan KAHO has been a stimulus of such change in the industry and endeavors to continue introduce such changes in the future.

On account of it's emphasis on R&D, KAHO has successfully become the first company in India to successfully secure, install & implement projects of Lithium Ion based Solar Home Lighting systems, Solar Street Lighting systems & Solar Televisions in the remotest and far flung areas in India.

We endeavor to bring positive revolutions in the field of Solar Applications & Energy Storage at large. Our promoters, mentors & directors personally oversee all the R&D activities and makes sure that the activities of the R&D team are in cohesion with your needs and the companies vision to spread smiles all the over the world.